Apr. 20th, 2013

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We Prompt is a community for your original fiction prompts. Submit a prompt (any prompt!), or browse what others have submitted.

We're here to help…

Readers: Have an idea you're interested in reading? Submit a prompt! It only takes a few seconds, and you could find just the lovely (terrifying, tragic, or hilarious) story you're looking for.

Writers: Seeking inspiration? Want to write what someone would really love to read? Browse the open prompts.

I'm both, how about you? :D And maybe your friends, too? Spread the word about We Prompt! The more readers submitting and writers browsing prompts here, the better it'll work for all of us.


Apr. 20th, 2013 10:04 pm
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Have a question about We Prompt? Comment to this post, and I'll answer as soon as I can. You can also contact [personal profile] tanager.
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Have a suggestion for how We Prompt can be improved? Comment to this post. I appreciate your ideas. :)
This post is for general suggestions. If you'd like to suggest an event (such as a fiction exchange) for We Prompt to host, comment here.

If you see a suggestion that you'd like to support or give feedback on, reply to that comment. ("+1" is fine for support.)
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Have a suggestion for an event that We Prompt should host (for example, a fiction exchange)? Comment to this post. I appreciate your ideas. :) General suggestions for the community go here.

If you see an event suggested that you'd like to participate in, reply to that comment. ("+1" is fine.)
If 10 or more people express interest in participating in an event, that event will very likely be hosted. Events with fewer replies may also be hosted.
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When you fill a prompt, you will comment here. Read the procedure for posting your fills here.


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