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Read this before you submit a prompt | fill a prompt.

Submitting a Prompt

To submit a prompt, simply comment to this post. There are only two rules:

1. You may submit one prompt per day.
2. If your prompt is NSFW (for example, a picture), state that it is NSFW in bold.

Prompts may be as vague or specific as you like. If you want to prompt with a picture, quote, song lyric, or anything else, go for it!

When your prompt is filled, the writer will reply with a link to their comment in filled prompts. Your comment will then be deleted from the open prompts.

Filling a Prompt

Want to write for one of the submitted prompts? Awesome! :D When you're done, here are the rules for posting:

1. Post a comment in filled prompts with the following heading.

Warnings: (You must warn for potential triggers or warn that you choose not to warn. If warnings are spoilers, display them like this. Code for spoiler warnings is below.)
Prompt: (Include who submitted the prompt.)
Author's Notes: (optional)

Code for spoiler warnings, created by [personal profile] amadi:

You may either link to your fiction in your own journal or post it directly in your comment. If you post your fiction in your own journal, please mention that it was inspired by a prompt from We Prompt! The more readers submitting and writers browsing prompts here, the better. :D

2. Reply to the prompter's comment here, with a link to your comment in filled prompts. If it happens that someone else filled the prompt first, and the prompt comment was already deleted, contact the prompter to let them know that you also filled their prompt. (I'm sure they'll be happy to have two fills! :P)

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